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Geophex Surveys is a North American leader in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of surface and subsurface geographic data. Our company provides professional airborne and land surveys utilizing photogrammetric, LiDAR, GPS and electromagnetic mapping methods to capture features from the earth. Our staff includes licensed professionals in the disciplines of surveying, mapping and GIS.
Since the establishment of our survey and mapping division in 1987, our mission has been to combine cutting-edge technology with a team of key technical personnel backed with impressive career achievements, extensive experience, and solid educational accreditations.
Our breadth and depth of experience and technical ability makes Geophex Surveys one of the most highly qualified firms in the mapping industry.

As a supplier of geospatial data products and services, we recognize the crucial role that such information and technology plays in key decisions at all levels of an organization. Over the years, Geophex Surveys has achieved a lengthy record of successful projects for numerous government and commercial clients including city, county, state, and federal agencies, as well as many engineering, utility, and resource sector firms. Geophex Surveys has earned an industry reputation for delivering high quality mapping products under demanding schedules.

Geophex Surveys is committed to the highest quality and technical standards in this industry, and to supplying deision makers with reliable, accurate information that empowers decision making. This commitment is what sets us above others as a shining standard in the industry.

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